Client Services

Our firm offers a wide range of services to meet our client's needs.

We try to understand each client to anticipate his or her needs. Because our firm is relatively small, our clients benefit by getting personalized, quality service that is beyond comparison. Below we have listed the services that we offer to our clients, along with a brief description. As the list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about other services.

Tax Services

Tax Planning & Preparation

We prefer to take a proactive vs. reactive approach to tax services. By keeping current on new tax laws and legislation, we are in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. It's a year-round challenge we welcome. Our services include but are not limited to:

* Tax planning & return preparation       * Individuals       * Corporations       * Partnerships       * LLCs & LLPs       * Estates, trusts & gift       * Not-for-profit organizations

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Accounting Services

Audits, Reviews and Compilations

We view our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing your company's profitability and efficiency. We provide financial reporting on all three levels of assurance:

*Audit- an intensive examination with the highest level of assurance

*Review - some analytical procedures conducted with limited assurance

*Compilation - based upon client information provided and used primarily for internal use.

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Consulting Services

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning facilitates the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, provides security for your surviving spouse, and can reduce or eliminate the tax due on the transfer of your business and other assets. For business owners, providing for business continuity and succession of ownership is essential. We can guide you through the complex process of getting your financial affairs in order.

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Areas of Expertise

We have a diverse client base. Chances are we already are providing services to a client just like you.

* Estate and Trusts            * Individuals           * Partnerships & LLCs           * Not-for-profit organizations

Businesses including:

* Medical Practice           * Manufacturing           * Oil & Gas           * Law Firms           * Construction

* Consultants           * Contractors          * Churches          * Small businesses          * Complex multi-entity companies

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Bookkeeping & Accounting Solutions

Providing financial information in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that cannot be compromised. Meaningful, well-organized records ensure your needs are met efficiently on a daily basis. Our firm provides a full range of cost effective accounting services including:

* General ledger & financial statement preparation       * Bookkeeping       * Accounting system setup       * Training (software & personnel       * Tax return preparation

* Payroll services       * Sales, franchise & other state filings       * Quarterly payroll reports & annual reports (forms W-2, 1099, 940, etc.)       * Multi-state reporting

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Back Office Solutions

Our staff serves as back office support for our clients. Part or entire bill payment or collection is handled entirely by our office. Financial statements are issued for management to review as a decision tool. Some clients even include us in the decision making process by actively participating in monthly or other important meetings.

Basically, we handle administrative hassles so that the client is able to focus on his or her goals.

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Business Consulting & Management Advisory Services

Our philosopy is that our client is our partner. We gauge our worth by the personal and business successes of our clients. In addition to acting as a sounding board for management, we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business.

* Entity selection - what form of business should be considered?

* Succession planning - Effective coordination during the transition period, before, during, and after you retire.

* Buying & Selling a Business - An objective analysis and guide for acquisition or disposition.

* Advisory Services - Objective feedback to develop long-term objectives and specific strategies for growth and success.

* Forecasting & Projections - From simple projections to complex financial modeling.

* Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis - An evaluation of the financial condition and tracing of sources or possible sources to achieve goals.

* Financial Dashboard / Benchmarks - We can help you create easy-to-use measurements to determine the financial health of your company...without requiring an accountant.

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Accounting Systems Analysis & Controllership Activities

Many of our clients ask for possible improvements to their current accounting processes. Our staff can provide objective feedback by reviewing the current system and tests. We also can help standardize the processes in place by training your staff.

We also can provide an independent evaluation to indentify areas of weakness, or provide process improvement evaluations to increase efficiencies.

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Accounting Training

Our philosophy requires that we evolve to the clients' needs. This includes client training, so they can evolve with us as well. We'll teach you what we know, so you can be more effective in reaching your own goals.

This includes training your bookkeepers, your managers, or even other firms supporting your efforts to perform tasks from debits & credits, to financial statement preparation, & interpretation to critical thinking & management decisions.

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